A brief history of Machine of Death; Execution by Beheading

It underlines what all writers say–what every artist who’s made it by blood and sweat, and not a stroke of tremendous luck, believes because s/he’s LIVED it:  you don’t do this kind of work unless the work, and the work alone, is enough for you.  Your motivation cannot be the attention or approval of others–attention is fleeting when it comes at all, and approval can be ignorant, misguided, or insincere.  Ain’t about money, either–can’t be, as I certainly don’t make much at it.

The idea of a machine of death–like all fun and inspiring ideas–lit a fire underneath me.  More than that, it was a challenge.  By the time I got to it, it was already chewed meat–30 other writers had taken a variety of cracks at it.  To say anything new after all that they had said meant reaching deep. But that’s exactly–and solely–why I did it… and I almost guarantee the same is true of every other person with a story in that book.  Compulsion, love of the work, lack of any other work one considers worth doing–somewhere in there, in the murky middle places between those motivations, lies the reason that I–that artists–create.

My entry is called “Execution by Beheading,” by the way–submission guidelines required each title to be the manner of death dealt with in the story.  I promise you, there’s nothing gory about it–the subject matter is a wee bit heavy, and I do remember at least a little of what was going through my head when I wrote it.  But–will write a post on that later, maybe, after the book has been published.

Brief synopsis, written by the MOD editors:  “Kids turn to desperate measures to add to their collection of ‘cod cards.'”  Succinct and accurate–couldn’t say it better myself.

So pre-order the book now, and receive it on its release date!  (Or so I’ve heard.)


A bit of history, as well as some links from the editors themselves, can be found here:  http://machineofdeath.net/press

Also, watch for a previously unpublished short story on www.chandlerkaiden.com the day of the release to help celebrate!

Happy 4th of July, all!  Booze, sky rockets, and a four day weekend–thanks to the universe that we were all born in the Free World!


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